Is the “New Monogamy” New? And other reactions


Thanks, Deborah A., for posting such an informative comment on the online version of Tammy Nelson’s “The New Monogamy.” Deborah complimented the article as “honest, insightful, and self-disclosing” but she also said that she’s “amused and disturbed” by the label of new monogamy.

She said that the term polyamory was invented back in the ’90s for “consensual and responsible non-monogamy.” Now, polyamory is thought of as equal to recreational sex while Nelson’s definition of the new monogamy is “essentially polyamory as originally defined.” However, Deborah said that this is still a significant development and she’s pleased to see the differences between non-monogamy and the new monogamy discussed intellectually.

There have been some other great comments posted so far as well. Another user commented on David Treadway’s Case Commentary, written in response to Karen Kissel Wegela’s Case Study, “The Mindful Swimmer”. This user thanked Treadway for “breaking the mold” in the Case Study section of the Networker because he “declined to either nitpick or bloviate regarding this well handled case.”

It’s so interesting to read your diverse and intriguing comments reacting to the current articles. Keep the comments coming! You can read these and more by logging in and viewing the online magazine. Make sure to tell us what you think about the new issue here on the blog as well.

07.19.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Jordan Magaziner
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