“The New Monogamy”


I thought this month’s issue was so interesting, to say the least! I feel that the “new monogamy,” as author Tammy Nelson puts it, is definitely reflected in everyday life and in the media. I was also intrigued by the cover question: “Can we have our cake and eat it too?”
It seems that the ways in which people look at relationships and commitment has changed, so the way therapists handle situations of affairs in the therapy room should follow.

As always, I love the variety of subjects and viewpoints in the issue even with the one overriding theme of extramarital affairs. I thought it was great to have three different features about affairs, with Tammy Nelson discussing the changing definition of monogamy, Michele Scheinkman comparing the way therapists approach affairs in America versus other countries, and Esther Perel highlighting what might happen after an affair. I felt very appreciative to be given a glimpse of the wilderness as Dick Anderson described his “affair” with nature, and to be given a closer look into how it might be to work therapeutically with those in Haiti after their tragedies, with Laurie Leitch’s journal-like article.

It would be tough for me to pick an article I liked the best, because I enjoyed reading this month’s issue so immensely. The new issue is up on the website—make sure to check it out here, especially if you haven’t received July/August in your mailbox yet! What did you think of this month’s issue? What was your favorite article?


07.12.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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