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  • 0 NP006 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowNP006, Couples, Session 4, Sue Johnson 09.07.2011 13:08
    Thanks Susan for your clear helpful description of EFT. Some of my work is with couples who have passed beyond repair and have decided to divorce. In the Collaborative Divorce Team model, I want to help them connect with their new co-parenting relationship and use many of the concepts you have suggested. Any other thoughts as to how to use your method to help people become "whole" when their actual attachments have failed? Nancy Ross (co-founder Collaborative Divorce).
  • 0 P005 New Perspectives on Practice: Diets and Our DemonsP005, Diets, Session 1, Judith Matz 04.28.2011 13:11
    Thanks so much to Judith for taking such a respectful approach to clients who are often so hard on themselves. I plan on incorporating many of her ideas which fit easily into my current practices utilizing hypnosis and EMDR. Nancy Ross, LCSW

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