NP0023 The Emotion Revolution: Harnessing Mind, Body and Soul in the Consulting Room

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Healing the Angry Brain with Ron Potter-Efron


The Emotion Revolution: NP0023 – Session 5

Dealing with an angry client can be a frustrating roadblock in therapy. Learn from Ron Potter-Efron, author of Healing The Angry Brain, about different types of anger, how to assess coping strategies for your client, and how to use those powerful emotions to the benefit of both the therapist and client. After the session, please let us know what you think.

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08.22.2012   Posted In: NP0023 The Emotion Revolution: Harnessing Mind, Body and Soul in the Consulting Room   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • Not available avatar Summer Sunderland 08.24.2012 22:55
    I really like looking at the changes as working toward brain change rather than just behavior or external. It's so much more motivating.
  • Not available avatar Tracy Krause 08.25.2012 07:33
    The focus on validating the client's anger as valuable and playing an important role reminds me of the Internal Family Systems approach and mitigates shame, which can often block progress. I can also see where talking about helping clients change their brains can be motivating. I have many clients who can benefit from these messages. I am also intrigued by the many types of anger, and look forward to learning more about that.
  • Not available avatar Reta Tyree 08.25.2012 14:46
    I would love to hear Ron's ideas about working with clients where stress levels are extremely high and there is unavoidable conflict or crisis (issues such as ongoing experiences with drug addicted children, lengthy financial crisis and family members with anger issues who are not looking to change).
  • Not available avatar Tarla Curan 08.26.2012 21:00
    Best presentation I've heard or read on dealing with anger in clients. I look forward to reading Ron's book, and applying his approach with my next angry client. Thanks Rich for your very useful questions that really help to "download" the information in ways we can all use.
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