NP0023 The Emotion Revolution: Harnessing Mind, Body and Soul in the Consulting Room

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Bringing the Felt Sense into Psychotherapy with Joan Klagsburn


The Emotion Revolution: NP0023 – Session 2


Learn how to use the Focusing method to help clients talk about from their feelings rather than about them. Joan Klagsbrun, who’s pioneered the field of the Focusing method, discusses how to deepen the client’s lived experience by forming an intimate connection with their inner knowing that hasn’t yet been formed into words or thoughts.

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08.01.2012   Posted In: NP0023 The Emotion Revolution: Harnessing Mind, Body and Soul in the Consulting Room   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • Not available avatar Sneha Nikam 08.04.2012 10:23
    What a brilliant and moving presentation to witness. I believe great full to experience it. Thanks a lot Joan Ma'am and Rich Sir.
  • Not available avatar Pamela L 08.04.2012 14:52
    I greatly enjoyed this presentation. Joan had so much information to share and was able to share how she implements this tool into therapy. wonderful would like to see more of her. thank you
  • Not available avatar Art Miron 08.04.2012 19:32
    I was inspired by Joan's focus on 'focusing', accessing body experience to help guide present awareness. However, as a therapist who predominantly works with men, many 'blue collar' types, as I listened to Joan's talk I often found myself doubting that many of these men could tolerate the processes described by her. Any thoughts?
    • Not available avatar joan klagsbrun 08.05.2012 18:58
      Dear Art,
      Thanks for your excellent question. I do agree that some people have difficulty with pausing and inner checking — although I haven’t found that this problem can be predicted by the usual categories of gender or social class. In my experience, when you have a client who has trouble accessing a 'felt sense', it is helpful for the therapist to listen empathically not only to what the client has said, but to the feeling tone and whole body sense of what the client might be experiencing. Feeling understood, seen, heard and cared about is so often a prerequisite to listening to oneself. An example might be " When you mention the problem with your wife, I notice that you tighten up and kind of pull in- sort of like you might feel self- protective. That would make a lot of sense given the situation. I wonder if tightness or feeling self-protective is close to what you might be feeling?” This type of listening and reflecting can help clients connect to a deeper bodily knowing by interacting with the therapist who’s gently pointing to the ‘felt sense’ level.
      Joan Klagsbrun
  • Not available avatar Carol McDermott 08.06.2012 20:45
    I am so happy to hear Carl Rogers name. This interview was made so helpful with the friendly attention of Joan as the focusing therapist and Rich as the open client. I was asked to describe the webinars I have been seeing and hearing, which I did with the ending comment that they are the most instructive, enhancing and validating vehicles I have encountered. Again, thank you
  • Not available avatar Mary 08.07.2012 01:26
    Thank you so much Joan and Rich for a very helpful presentation. The clarity and sensitivity demonstrated by both presenter and "client" were heartfelt examples of attunement and the healing process. Thank you also for the pdfs, Joan. I am eager to find a workshop and learn more.
  • Not available avatar Rocio Mora 08.07.2012 14:41
    Thank you so much for this enriching presentation. I had the chance to look at the video of practicing focusing in Ecuador on your website and I liked it a lot. I am Ecuadorean and clinical social worker and I currently work primarily with the Latino community. I am a fan of the webcast presentations but always wonder which modalities are more applicable to the Latino culture. I found the focusing technique very helpful because it seems universal and so I wonder if there are materials in Spanish or trainers in Spanish that I could contact about their experiencies working with Latinos. I would greatly appreciate any information on that. Thanks again.
  • Not available avatar Cece Scott 08.07.2012 14:56
    Thanks so much to Joan and Rich for an excellent presentation. I was particularly excited by the connection I found between the focusing approach and that in Somatic Experiencing for which I am currently in training. The specific languaging seems to me an excellent bridge linking experience of the body's wisdom with the speech of traditional talk psychotherapy.
  • Not available avatar Mary Anne 09.21.2012 01:10
    Thank you so much Rich and Joan, for such a generous presentation!! Joan, I really appreciated how ease-fully you shared concepts which seem so simple as to be not believed. Your descriptions were so comfortable and natural, that they seemed to open a receptive space to your graceful invitations to attend the felt sense. Rich, thank you for being so present, and experiential in your comments. The tremendous gift of attending our body's greater wisdom is sadly too often over-looked and traded in for some foreign expert.
    I am in a psychotherapy program, and have one more practicum before graduating. I am hoping to find supervision familiar with focusing, where I can receive feedback about my abilities to facilitate and highlight clients' inner listening. You both refresh my decision. Focusing has been singularly the most helpful thing for me. Thank you for putting your fine examples out on the web, promoting gentle and wise ways of living!
  • Not available avatar Ellyn Herb 02.25.2013 18:47
    Thank you Joan for helping me truly understand how to integrate my focusing practice into my psychotherapy. I have been struggling with this for a while now and your suggestions were extremely helpful. Remembering to use the "focusing attitude" while I work is so important and that even a small step in the direction of increasing bodily awareness can be a big step for clients. I attended the summer school last year and would highly recommend it. Thank you Joan and Rich.
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