NP0021 The 6 Most Challenging Issues in Therapy

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The 6 Biggest Challenges Therapists Face


And How to Overcome Them

Everybody knows that therapy is basically about making people’s pain go away, right? Depression, rage, nagging guilt, obsession, anxiety, fear—these are the dragons that blight clients’ lives. And if the dragons can’t be vanquished outright, then they must be drugged or hypnotized into submission, or reframed into innocuousness. But as straightforward as it sounds, every clinician knows what it’s like to find yourself up against the brick wall of a client’s impervious suffering and seeming refusal to change—no matter how hard you huff or puff, you can’t blow the problem down.

HelpImageWe inhabit a field that thrives on hearing about brilliant clinical interventions and thrilling new treatment models. But the fact is that many of us regularly struggle with cases that don’t quite pan out the way we hope, not to mention the terrible cases that even years afterward have the power to make us cringe and make us wonder whatever happened to that client after he slinked away or stormed out of our office one last time.

So we decided to bring together a group of veteran therapists to take a candid look at the kind of cases and clinical situations that regularly take us to the edge of what we know and who we are as people and as would-be healers. Part of what’s fascinating about our upcoming webcast series Overcoming The Six Biggest Challenges Therapists Face is hearing from leaders in our field about what they identify as the challenge that most stands out for them and then asking yourself what your own most daunting clinical challenge happens to be.

But even more fascinating is the opportunity that this nuts-and-bolts, highly practical series offers to examine exactly how we as therapists often both create and foster resistance in our clients. Each of the interviews in this series goes beyond vague theory and therapeutic bromides to explore the fine points of clinical craft that make the difference between helping difficult clients as opposed to just hitting your head against the wall. Here’s a chance to learn how to make a difference with those cases—and you know which ones they are—that can seem proof against everything you think you know about therapy or human nature.

For more information about our new webcast series, just click here.
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