NP0020 Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to Know

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Men and Depression with Holly Sweet


Men in Therapy: NP0020 - Session 6

Discover the different ways men and woman experience depression, with psychologist and co-director of the Cambridge Center for Gender Relations, Holly Sweet. Learn how to use a more task-oriented, coaching approach to work with men who are unwilling to ask for help with their depression, accept medications, or express vulnerable emotions.

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07.10.2012   Posted In: NP0020 Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to Know   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • 0 avatar Debra Anderson 07.10.2012 12:52

    Dear Dr Sweet,I would like very much to be a member of the listserv you spoke about. Where do I get your email address?
    My email is drdebra.anderson@comcast.net
  • 0 avatar Kathryn Greenaway 07.10.2012 13:22
    Dr. Sweet, I would also like to be a member of the listserv. My email: greenaway@claristery.com
    Thank you so much for this very informative, affirming and validating presentation today. What a great way to end a good series. Kathryn Greenaway
  • 0 avatar Merrilee Gibson 07.10.2012 15:10
    Dr Sweet, I really appreciated the clarity of your presentation on a topic I certainly feel I need to know more about. I too would like to be part of the listserv. My email merrilee@gibson2.com
    Thank you so much. Oh, and something I wonder about--is how much of this discussion applies to working with boys? I have a number of boy clients, currently from age 5 to 14, and it seems to me that some of what Dr. Sweet has said about working with men may apply to working with boys as well.
    Merrilee Nolan Gibson, Psy.D, LMFT
  • Not available avatar Ann Boyer Holmes 07.14.2012 12:12
    Hi Holly,
    Please add me to the listserv you mentioned. Thanks for insights about men in therapy.
    My email is annbholmes@verizon.net
    Could you suggest some books (aside from your own)
    on male psychology. Thanks!
  • Not available avatar Simon 07.14.2012 19:23
    The cost of antidepressants is much to high according to the presentation by M Yapko his networker presentation on depression.
  • 0 avatar Eileen McIltrot 07.15.2012 15:52
    Please add me to your listserv. Thanks for the work you are doing in male psychology. I would welcome an opportunity to learn more from you. I have a significnant caseload of men in my practice. My email address is emciltrot@gmail.com Thanks again Holly.
  • Not available avatar Holly Severson 07.15.2012 18:03
    Dr Sweet, thank you for the interesting interview. I agree that we have not received enough training about working with male clients and find it to be a challenging and rewarding area in my own practice. I would love to be added to your listserv. My e-mail address is hseverson@gmail.com
  • Not available avatar Victoria Swenson 07.15.2012 21:05
    Hi Holly,
    What an informative and down-to-earth talk, with so many valuable tips and insights that seem like they should be apparent, but often aren't. Without intending to specialize in men's issues, I find my practice is filled predominantly by men. It was good to have many of the things I do with them validated by an expert and to learn about some areas I've not considered. I put some of your ideas to work immediately and had success! I would also like to be added to your list serve: vickiswenson@comcast.net. Great talk--thank you!
  • Not available avatar anna gifford 07.16.2012 11:27
    Dr. Sweet, I have listend with great interest to your presentation and appreciated your inside on supervision and education of new theraspits. I would like to be a part of ongoing conversation through your list serve. My email: Anna.Gifford@flhealth.org
    thank you
  • Not available avatar Cerise Morris 07.16.2012 15:33
    I very much enjoyed the clarity and pertinence of your presentation. Please add me to your list serve: cmorris@videotron.ca Thanks again.
  • Not available avatar leticia 07.16.2012 23:48
    Thank you Dr. Sweet, very interesting conversation, would you please add me to your list serve lety.tayabas@gmail.com
  • Not available avatar Eileen Mangino 07.17.2012 00:07
    I am eager to enhance my sensitivity and skill so I can be most effective with my male clients. I look forward to learning more and networking on this issue. Please add me to your LIST-SERV. Thanks! elmangino@verizon.net
  • Not available avatar Luci 07.17.2012 00:07
    Hi Dr. Sweet,
    Thanks so much for the information regarding doing therapy with men. I would be very interested to know more books you would recommend for male clients to read and also books you would recommend for therapists to read which would help educate us about doing therapy with men. I would also enjoy being on your list serve. It would be great if you could add me to it. My email is luci@lucitj.com. Thank you!
  • Not available avatar smslwm 07.17.2012 06:39
    Please add me to your listserv. I didn't get your email during the seminar. Thanks. Susan slwmllc@aol.com
  • 0 avatar Lynda Schoenbeck 07.17.2012 08:33
    An excellent and informative presentation! I could very much relate to what you were saying and have certainly made mistakes with men in my therapy practice. I am anxious to know more and attend an available training.
    Please add me to your listserve at email address: lynder56@comcast.net Thank you!
  • Not available avatar Nicole 07.17.2012 09:57
    I feel fortunate to have worked in the Partner Assault Response program for a number of years, gaining an inside perspective into the lives of men. This is invaluable training for all female therapists. Although I am not working with as many male clients, I would appreciate being added to your list serve to stay current and connected: nicoles@fcccnd.com
  • Not available avatar paula merovitz 07.17.2012 10:00
    Wonderful, down to earth, practical. Please add me to your listserve. paulamer@sympatico.ca
  • Not available avatar Vikki Stark 07.17.2012 10:55
    Please add me to your Listserve! Thanks!
  • Not available avatar Julie Sullivan-Redmond 07.17.2012 14:02
    Dr. Sweet:
    I appreciated your candor. I will use some of what you said in my next appointment.Gambling did not come up as a symptom of male depression. What is your experience with gambling as a symptom of male depression? Please add me to your list serve. Thanks. juliesredmond@gmail.com
  • Not available avatar Marybeth Greifendorf 07.17.2012 14:42
    Thank you for a very informative session, Dr. Sweet. It was wonderful to see the power of well-placed self-disclosure with your client who believed that "only crazy people take medication." Please add me to your listserv. My email address is marybeth37@msn.com.
  • Not available avatar Sneha Nikam 07.17.2012 16:31
    Dear Holly Sweet Ma'am,

    Liked your insight on the topic. Even I would like to be a member of your listserve. My email id is snehnikam@gmail.com

    Best Regards to both you and Rich Sir.
  • Not available avatar Deborah Austin 07.18.2012 09:31
    Very, very helpful! Please add me to your listserv. Thanks!
  • Not available avatar Joyce Woll 07.18.2012 19:00
    Please add me to your listserve. Your insight and expertise was encouraging. joycewoll@gmail.com
  • Not available avatar Rocio 07.18.2012 19:01
    Thank you for the presentation. Pls add me to your listserv. Thank you!
  • 0 avatar Marilyn Scholze 07.18.2012 19:26
    To echo almost everyone above I too would like to be added to the listserv. My address is marilynscholze@gmail.com. Any resources on working successfully with men would be helpful.
  • Not available avatar Lisa Harrell 07.26.2012 12:21
    Thank you for an interesting discussion on working with men and depression. Please add me to your listserv. My address is lisaaharrell@gmail.com (Please note the double "a" in my email). Thank you!
  • Not available avatar Shirley Hanson 11.25.2012 23:17
    I really enjoyed your presentation. I kept waiting to hear your email so I could let you know of my interest in your list serve.
    My email is: hansonshirley@comcast.net
    Thank you.
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