NP0019 Parenting Skills: All You Need to Help Families Today

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The Kids Skills Approach with Ben Furman


Parenting Skills: Session 6 – NP0019

Teach parents a new way to praise and encourage their children while getting them to comply and overcome difficulties by shifting the focus from “problems” to helping kids gain meaningful new skills. In this approach, parents will take on the role of guides and cheerleaders and children will gain confidence in themselves. Ben Furman, psychiatrist and trainer of solution-focused psychotherapy, will explore this method and take you through case studies.

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  • Not available avatar Sneha 06.09.2012 11:47
    Liked the presentation very much, both Rich Sir's appropriate questions and Ben Sir's interesting method to deal with problems and children in general. Many a times techniques are so simple but it is hard to think simple things also, is what I am feeling after watching this session. Yes as human we have tendency to move towards complicated things as our perception behind it is it will help solve things or give better solution.

    Thanks to both of you.
    Best Regards,
    Mumbai (India).
  • Not available avatar Anita 06.09.2012 22:34
    Fabulous! The presentation helped to reinforce the principles and techniques I have been enhancing and practicing re solution focused work, Ericksonian approaches and NLP. Rich was right on when he commented about the warmth portrayed by Dr. Furman. Thank you.
  • Not available avatar Sue 06.10.2012 00:16
    Loved it! Thanks very much.
  • Not available avatar Joy 06.10.2012 09:32
    Thank you so much for another very helpful session. I really appreciated the strengths based approach and this helped me to consolidate what it would sound like when I speak to my clients about these techniques. Thanks again!
  • Not available avatar Patricia Macdonald 06.10.2012 12:09
    I loved seeing this approach embodied in the practitioner-Ben Thurman. Very inspired by the 6 steps of responsibility as it allows the 'wrong-doer' space to reflect together with a concerned other and is very empowering in the process. Holding the intention that,'Children have solutions'is not unlike the Buddhist Psychotherapy approach of holding to the client's inherent 'Brilliant Sanity'.
  • Not available avatar Dorothy 06.11.2012 12:41
    An interesting and very helpful presentation with so many practical ideas that I'm looking forward to putting into practice with kids and parents. I've checked out the website and appreciate how much is available for free.
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