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NP0019 Parenting Skills: All You Need to Help Families Today

This blog focuses on discussion regarding the course NP0019 Parenting Skills: All You Need to Help Families Today.

Overprotective Parenting with Michael Ungar


Parenting Skills: NP0019 – Session 5

Explore the effects that overprotective parenting can have on children with Michael Ungar, director of the Resilience Research Center and author of 11 books for therapists and children. Discover how parents can best offer children opportunities to experience risk and responsibility while ensuring their safety and give them boundaries without suffocating them, increasing their anxiety, or reinforcing their need for rebellion.

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05.30.2012   Posted In: NP0019 Parenting Skills: All You Need to Help Families Today   By Psychotherapy Networker

  • 0 avatar David Brown 05.30.2012 13:14
    Thank you for helping parents realize that by trying to spare their children from hardship and consequences, they may be causing other developmental difficulties in the future. No wonder the period of adolescence extends to the early 20's these days.
  • 0 avatar Emily Drzymala 05.30.2012 14:25
    From my Canadian experience, where I practice, there is an urban/rural dimension to experiences that advance or inhibit the risk taker advantage for children, independent of socio-economic class. Parenting in a Montreal suburb versus a Whitehorse Yukon suburb poses different challenges vis-a-vis the experience and consequences for development of skills. Thank you for the presentation. I appreciate you framework for practice that focuses on parental historical experiences as strengths. Because parents are having children at an older age, I find that they tend to blame themselves in an effort to be "perfect" parents. Any clinical tools that encapsulate a strengths based approach is greatly appreciated!
  • Not available avatar Elizabeth 06.01.2012 19:36
    Thank You. Understanding that some high risk behaviors COULD be connected to over protection/lack of a rite of passage gives therapists and families an opportunity to work with tweens and teenagers in a much more creative and spirited way.
  • 0 avatar Amie Taylor 06.03.2012 07:05
    Whenever I see some social phenomenon becoming more prevalent, I wonder what it is meant to counteract (the old "why is the pendulum swinging to the other side?"question). So as I listen to today's presentation, I wonder whether this overproctiveness taht we clinicians are seeing is geared to counteract the increased fragmentation of relationships present in modern society. In other words, could the weakening of individual competence be the price we are paying for the strengthening of the family/relationship group????
  • Not available avatar Joy Lang 06.04.2012 13:16
    Thank you so much for this great session! I really appreciated the message about why it is that kids need to take risks and learn on the "smaller" stuff before moving on to wrecking their credit etc.
    This information will be very helpful in my work with teens and their families - especially the questions that you ask of parents.
  • 0 avatar Sarah Roehrich 06.06.2012 10:59
    Thank you so much for this excellent presentation. I too very much appreciated the point about letting the kids make their own mistakes when they're young, so they learn not make huge mistakes with credit when they are older. I also so very glad to hear from a voice that travels the world studying a variety of cultures. Very interesting!
    Sarah Roehrich
  • Not available avatar leon probasco 11.17.2012 14:02
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