NP0016 The Great Attachment Debate

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NP0016, Attachment, Session 1, Alan Sroufe

Is Attachment Theory important to clinical practice today? Over the next few weeks, the Great Attachment Debate will present a variety of viewpoints from leading experts on the scientific foundations of Attachment Theory to answer this relevant question about its implications.

In this first session, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Attachment Theory—John Bowlby’s influence, the connection between attachment style and psychopathology, and why Attachment Theory is important to clinical practice—with leading researcher Alan Sroufe.

After each session, please take a few minutes to engage in the Comment Board, an important part of our learning experience and to create a community of learning between participants. Please feel free to comment about what you’ve learned in the session, to ask any questions you may have of the presenter or your peers, or to share any relevant experiences. We invite you to include your name and hometown along with your comment. If you ever have any technical questions, contact support@psychotherapynetworker.org.
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