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Join Judith Beck, one of the world’s leading cognitive-behavioral therapists, in this second session of “Diets and Our Demons.” She’ll cover the skills that are necessary for successful dieting, and detail what’s most important to effective weight loss.

Beck will explain how to help clients follow through on a healthy lifestyle by facilitating the development of pre-dieting skills, regularizing eating, changing food selection, planning for special occasions, and keeping the motivation to integrate these skills into everyday life in a long-term manner.

After listening to the session, please share on the Comment Board what you learned and any questions you may have. What was most interesting to you or relevant to your professional or personal life? We encourage you to include your name and hometown with your comment, and to take a few minutes to read and response to other participants’ comments. As always, if you have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email support@psychotherapynetworker.org anytime.

01.24.2012   Posted In: NP0014 Diets and Our Demons   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • 0 avatar Penny Blazej 01.24.2012 14:09
    Good presentation - it was great to hear Judy speak. Most of the information was review for me but that review renewed my commitment to CBT. Excited to adding some of her skill teaching to my clients.
  • Not available avatar Jim Kubalewski 01.24.2012 14:12
    I had never seen Dr. Beck speak before. I knew of her and have read some of her work, but I was impressed with her compassion and realizing that this is not an easy process and people need to prepare for it. She makes it clear that our minds get in our way of our bodies if we are not careful and to help the mind become an ally of the body is really crucial. Both working together is the goal. There really is no other way, either the mind will work against us or it will facilitate health. Thank you.
  • Not available avatar Colleen Worrell 01.30.2012 14:54
    As a brand new therapist just finishing grad school, these webinars are an amazing tool to help crystalize my thoughts about who I am now and who I want to become as a therapist, and how I want to do therapy. Dr. Beck's presentation was a great example of CBT in general. It shows me not only how to apply those principles to weight management, but also gives me ideas about how to apply CBT to other problem areas. This has been the case with all of the webinars I have viewed so far. Thanks to Psychotherapy Networker for making these presentations available...I for one, am thrilled!
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