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NP0013, Mindfulness, Session 6, Mark Epstein


Explore the inherent joyfulness that becomes available through Buddhism’s rejection of our focus on maximizing pleasure with Mark Epstein, a psychiatrist who integrates Buddhist psychology into his work. Epstein will discuss the joyful and loving energy that Buddhist psychology can bring to the Western therapeutic relationship, as well as the pitfalls of Buddhism in the consulting room. You’ll learn what it means to have Buddhism as a therapeutic attitude.

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02.16.2012   Posted In: NP0013 Is Mindfulness Enough?   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • 0 avatar Jan Snedigar 02.16.2012 15:56
    I especially liked Mr Epstein's description of the caretaker/false self that arises prematurely to manage the intrusive or abandonment issues of the parental environment. . . and the words, "relax back into" not knowing who you are, as the way out of that state. . .

    Also, at the beginning, he talked about (did he say, Anna Freud's?) perspective of the client sitting in the middle of a triangle, equaldistance fromthe ego, id, and superego. What's wonderful about that, is, that it is the client, not the therapist who is in that middle. . . which Mr. Epstein reiterates near the end of his talk, referring to, ". . . where does the SELF ASSERT ITSELF" (not, the crucial point being, when does the therapist make his interervention. . . "

  • Not available avatar jean tracy 02.17.2012 12:59
    Thanks for an enlightening presentation. I was totally unaware of any relationship between Freud and Buddhism. Jean
  • Not available avatar Ravi Chandra 02.20.2012 18:31
    Always good to hear Mark Epstein talk. Thanks for this. I really enjoyed all of his books, especially Psychotherapy without a Self, which made these concepts clear. I look forward to his book on the Buddha. I don't always agree 100% with what Dr. Epstein writes (possibly because of my own relative inexperience), but he always provides a very useful synthesis of ideas, dovetailing modern experience with Buddhist insights.
  • 0 avatar StanleyDavis Davis 02.09.2017 03:28
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