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Welcome to the New Perspectives on Practice series, “Is Mindfulness Enough?” This series will explore the benefits and limitations of both psychotherapy and mindfulness as well as the integration of these two wisdom traditions. In the first session with leading Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, he’ll discuss the erroneous belief that prayer and meditation is all that’s needed for personal transformation, talk about how to combine meditation with our daily activities, and describe how to bring the sacred into the practice of therapy.

Throughout the series, a Comment Board after each session will be available. The Comment Boards are a way for course participants to share thoughts and reflections about what was most interesting after each session and to ask questions of the presenters and of each other. We invite and encourage you to use these Comment Boards as a forum for thought and to continue the conversation sparked by each session. After listening to this first session, please just take a few minutes to engage in the Comment Board. What was most striking about this session? What questions do you have?

Thank you so much for your participation, and welcome to this relevant series. If you ever have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email support@psychotherapynetworker.org anytime.
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  • Not available avatar meg 01.12.2012 10:21
    Jack Kornfield is the epitome of wisdom. I cannot wait for this session to start.

    Meg--mindful in Maryland
  • Not available avatar Cara Hoffert 01.12.2012 14:09
    Thank You for the opportunity to see this online during a difficult time of my personal life. We are not just what we feel and it does pass as we engage in the present moment with full heart and soul.
  • 0 avatar Rebekah Feeser 01.12.2012 14:17
    I so appreciate the reminder (and model) of returning to my own practice again and again. Recognition of the Sacred in each encounter with myself and another is a delightful and challenging concept to integrate. Thank you!
  • 0 avatar Jan Snedigar 01.12.2012 17:13
    The whole "meditation does not solve every problem" was excellent for setting the stage and defining perimeters for this ensuing study. I agree with Rich, that it felt like a dance--in the hands of a natural, playful, master. Cool. I'm already looking forward to next Thursday.
  • 0 avatar Heidi Roth 01.13.2012 17:01
    A big thank you both to Jack Kornfield and to Rich for such a rich and wisdom filled discussion.
    A question I have regarding my own clinical practice is regarding the degree to which it is necessary or appropriate to encourage my clients to build their own meditation practices. While I do integrate mindfulness principles and exercises into the work I do with clients, I fear pushing my own agenda on clients by prescribing a meditation practice (unless of course they are really open to it or already have such a practice). How much to do feel it is necessary for clients to engage in a formal meditation practice to benefit from the wisdom of mindfulness? Marsha Linehan has provided one example of having distilled some fundamental principles of mindfulness to offer clients to address their everyday life situations. Do you think this kind of approach is enough for clients to really benefit?
    Thanks for your insights!
    Heidi Roth from Bloomington, IN
  • 0 avatar Frances Lombardi 01.14.2012 11:31
    I cannot access the Jack Kornfeld webinar. The second webinar is being offered in 5 days How can I acces the first one? Thank you
    • 0 avatar Heidi Roth 01.14.2012 12:38
      Go down further on the web page and you will see a listing of all the sessions, along with access to the slides and this board. Click on the video part
      • Not available avatar Frances 01.14.2012 12:53
        thanks but I still cant find it
  • Not available avatar Christine Garwood 01.14.2012 14:24
    I bow to Jack Kornfield for demonstrating the Sacred manifested in Practice. Much gratitude to you for this offering which feels so very respectful and compassionate for the client and resonates so deeply for me as the practioner. I so look forward to your book, The Wise Heart to guide me further in this honorable balance of mindfulness and psychotherapy. Many blessings to you.
  • Not available avatar Judith 01.16.2012 23:29
    I spent the last hour listening to this discussion for a second time. It was moving and inspiring. I was reminded how important it is to be maintaining my own meditation practice, just as I have been in therapy over the years...and that all of
    that work is what I bring to the therapy room.

  • Not available avatar tom 01.17.2012 18:52
    Asking if mindfulness is enough is like asking if breakfast is enough. Sure, until lunchtime.
  • Not available avatar Jean Tracy 01.18.2012 13:00
    Thank you Jack and Rich. A beginning level of clarity of how to utilize Buddist psychotherapy opens the door to learn more from The Wise Heart. Jean
  • Not available avatar Sneha Nikam 01.18.2012 14:59
    It was nice hearing something different. Thank you.
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