NP0011 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?

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Join Marty Klein, a marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist, us for a candid discussion about the assumptions that both clients and therapists often share that can get in the way of improving couples’ sexual relationships.

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01.18.2012   Posted In: NP0011 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • -0.2 avatar Lenore Bayuk 01.19.2012 14:08
    I appreciate Dr. Klein's point about pornography and the need to focus on the relationship and not necessarily the pornography. However, what about the partner who is addicted to porno and has been doing this since a young boy or young adult, prior to this relationship.? We are addressing the addiction, but then, how do we address the partner's triggers around sex? Masturbation becomes a trigger to "use"; sex w/ the partner can become a trigger. Can you comment on this.
    Thank you,
    Lenore Bayuk
  • 0 avatar Anastacia Martinez 04.01.2012 12:10
    It is really refreshing the way you talk about being more open around sex talk. It is even a taboo around therapist- not discussed in terms of how to treat our clients. thank you to the presenter and psychotherapy networker for making this training available
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