NP0011 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?

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Hear an unconventional perspective on couples therapy from David Schnarch, who believes that the best way to help couples is to challenge partners to change their individual behaviors and attitudes. Schnarch’s direct, upfront approach to helping clients will illustrate a different viewpoint on effective couples therapy.

After the session, please take a few minutes to let us know what you think about these ideas and this way of working with couples. What was most interesting to you? Do you have any similar experiences working with couples? We invite you to share your thoughts, questions, and revelations, as well as including your name and hometown with your comments.

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01.09.2012   Posted In: NP0011 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • -0.2 avatar Rhonda Otway 01.11.2012 16:16
    I've gone to all of your websites but cannot find a calendar offering 2012 trainings/workshops. Is that available somewhere? I was unable to attend your training in California in November unfortunately. Thank you for talking about couples therapy differently. It resonates with me and I would like to learn more. Rhonda
  • Not available avatar Karen Smith 01.14.2012 16:59
    This is the most down to earth - meaningful REAL discussion of working with couples I have heard yet.
  • Not available avatar ann 01.14.2012 18:36
    I particularly was impressed with the focus on the therapist really caring enough about helping someone get past the lie they have just presented in the session, rather than being judgmental or angry with them or backpedaling.
  • Not available avatar Lynn 01.14.2012 23:02
    Very refreshing and helpful information. I was especially interested in how David outlined the difference between a collusive and a collaborative alliance. Thank you for discussing how we can bring the best out of clients by bringing the best part of us to the session. Lynn
  • Not available avatar Sneha Nikam 01.15.2012 04:15
    I have no words to describe my feeling about the session. It was the ultimate. I liked the sincere thoughts and intension with which David Sir works, specifically drawing ideas from him as he said, the goal is to help client/couples and I don't mind if they hate me, but the alliance between couple has to start or develop. Hatsoff to the devotion and dedication towards the profession. Truly an intellectual enjoyment to watch this session. As usual, very appreciable Rich Sir's perfect questioning and paraphrasing. Thanks to both of you.

    Mumbai (INDIA).
  • Not available avatar Carol Peyser MD 01.15.2012 19:41
    Great webinar. Dr. Schnarch, you developed fairly eloquently how attachment theory should NOT be used in couples therapy. In what ways DO you think attachment theory is helpful in both your individual and couples work??

    Thanks, Dr. Peyser
  • Not available avatar Patricia Friel 01.16.2012 02:54
    What a wonderful session. What I took from this session is that by being and modelling respect and honesty in his communication with his client/s he opened the opportunity/window for them to do likewise. Thank you David and thank you Rich. Patricia
  • Not available avatar Sharon Kocina 01.16.2012 22:56
    I always enjoy hearing David Schnarch. He pushes me to think differently.
  • Not available avatar Joy Lang 01.17.2012 12:05
    Thank you for another very thought provoking session! I've heard you do a few of these webinars now, and I must say David, you do push me to expand my skill set. It is very helpful to hear the "blunt truth" being described as being about caring rather than "mean".

    Thank you again - and Rich, as always I appreciated you bringing into the very practical "what does that sound like?" realm.

  • 0 avatar Florence Calhoun 01.20.2012 16:40
    Thanks for a wonderful presentation. I love the way you stay with your presenter, Rich, and help them to clarify what actually takes place in the session. So the presentation becomes a much more practical tool. I like the concept of the collaborative alliance and "truth telling" ...Good work. Florence J. Calhoun
  • 0 avatar Lynn Lampert 02.06.2012 11:27
    love your outlook. Can you give me some idea of your time frame in working with clients. How long is a session and how many sessions on average do you do.
    Lynn LampertPh.D.
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