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As the final, bonus session in “Is Mindfulness Enough?” series, Sharon Salzberg, a leading spiritual teacher, who’s a pioneer in bringing Eastern meditation practices to the West, will differentiate between kindness as “sweetness” and how it can be used as a spiritual force in daily life and in our practices—especially with those who have hurt us.

After this presentation, please take a few minutes to reflect on what was striking to you about this particular session, how it fits in with the series in its entirety, and what you’re thinking after participating in this course and hearing such a wide variety of perspectives on a variety of applicable topics. What do you think—is mindfulness enough? What do you think was most interesting or made the most sense to your practice? What questions remain for you? Do you have any relevant experiences to share?

We encourage you to comment on this session and about the series as a whole, as this kind of deeper engagement is key to learning and understanding. Thank you for your participation, and we hope you come away from this course with a clearer vision of how we can effectively integrate mindfulness practices and psychotherapy to benefit ourselves and our clients.
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  • 0 avatar Merrilee Gibson 11.09.2011 14:11
    In hearing Sharon Salsberg today, I am grateful for her level-headed, simply stated, invaluable and unpretentious wisdom. I wish I could just bottle her words and hand them to patients (and keep a set for myself, of course). The thoughts about lovingkindness, about the components of action, seem so relevant to some of the troubling aspects of the lives of the people I see in my office, information that I perceive as being supremely helpful and positive. Thank you so much.
  • 0 avatar Linda Graham 11.09.2011 14:13
    Deep gratitude to Sharon for such ease and down-to-earth practicality, as always, and to Rich's skillful encouraging the emergence. Specifically about David Brooks' sidelining empathy. Mindfulness practice, loving kindness practice, are so experiential; we build the capacities to feel another's pain ( our own!)without being overwhelmed or judgmental. In the experience is the awakening to wise, compassionate response. Empathy may not be sufficient, as Sharon points out, but it is necessary. Brooks sounds like he's making a pronouncement from the left hemisphere of his brain, basing it in social psychology research, perhaps, but if he were experiencing the power of empathy himself, he would know, at the felt sense level of intuitive wisdom, it's not a side show. Glad Sharon could so quickly re-frame the importance of empathy as a gateway to wise, ethical, compassionate response. Whew!
    Linda Graham, MFT San Francisco, CA
  • Not available avatar Alan Lawrence, LCSW 11.09.2011 14:34
    Today's session with Sharon Salzberg was the best of all sessions, not complicated or sedating, but very inspiring
    and upbeat!
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