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Explore RAIN, a simple but powerful technique for directing attention to one’s inner world, with Tara Brach, a leading Western teacher of Buddhism, known for her ability to integrate psychotherapy with meditative and mindfulness practices.

Understanding and learning how to implement RAIN into your clinical practice will allow you to help clients discover the thoughts, emotions, and feelings that make up their true inner experiences, and will open the door for deconditioning unconscious patterns.

After the session, please take a few minutes to engage in the Comment Board and let us know your reflections. What do you think about this technique and how it might be implemented into your professional or personal life? Do you have any specific questions for the presenter or for your peers? We invite you to share your thoughts, questions, and revelations, as well as including your name and hometown with your comments. If you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact support@psychotherapynetworker.org. Thanks for your participation.

10.10.2011   Posted In: NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough?   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • -0.1 avatar Carole Palmer 10.12.2011 13:05
    Thank you!
    Carole Palmer
  • Not available avatar Kelsey Menehan 10.12.2011 13:11
    I love the idea of prayer being the bridge between longing and belonging...beautiful talk...thank you.
  • Not available avatar Evelyn Duesbury 10.12.2011 13:14
    Thank you for showing us how several teachings can lead the "way home" to one's inner self. Have you heard of Eric Butterworth teachings? He led Unity of New York for several years and often talked of the still state. I also thought of one of my favorites, Meister Eckhart who talked about the powerfulness of the state nothingness.

    Such a peaceful feeling from your presentation.
  • Not available avatar D0ct0r T 10.13.2011 21:35
    This session was wonderful. I found Tara to be extremely calming and present. I often feel like this stuff is too new age for me but the way she described the rain and how she works it into her practice hit the nail on the head for me. Thank you for this session.
  • 0 avatar robyn winks 10.14.2011 12:21
    Beautiful & helpful session! Thank you both, Psychotherapy Networker & Tara! Wonderful.
  • Not available avatar J. Plottner 10.14.2011 15:14
    A beautifull discussion with Tara Brach,and I enjoyed listening to it very much. I especially was taken by the two quotes at the beginning, from Frank and Erhard. And then the short meditation by Brach at the end was simply great.
    Thanks to all.

    Jarl Plottner
  • Not available avatar Meg 10.14.2011 16:28
    I so appreciate the willingness of the Networker to share these wonderful discussions and the wisdom and kindness of Tara Brach. Thank you.
  • Not available avatar Summer 10.14.2011 23:23
    I just have this feeling of wanting to learn and experience more and more to be able to offer this deeply to myself and my clients. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • Not available avatar flo Braum 10.15.2011 12:46
    10/15/11 There seems to be a problem with accessing the Tara Brach interview.
    Could you please check it out and let me know if you have any suggestions.
    Thanks so much,
    • 0 avatar Psychotherapy Networker 10.17.2011 09:47
      Hi Flo,
      Thanks for letting us know you were having some technical issues. I suggest emailing the Support team at support@psychotherapynetworker and letting them know specifically what kinds of issues you've been experiencing so they can help you successfully access the sessions.
      -Psychotherapy Networker
  • Not available avatar Shirley 10.15.2011 15:09
    Thank you, Rich, for this series on Mindfulness and thank you for Tara Brach's presentation. How I wish a particular client of mine could have heard her! I am very glad to have listened to this session, but more, to have experienced it. So nourishing for wholeness. In gratitude.
  • Not available avatar Gloria Mog 10.15.2011 17:52
    Another wonderful opportunity to consider the "meta" meanings of this sacred work we do called "psychotherapy". You have continued to teach and inspire me throughout my life, Tara. Thank you.
  • Not available avatar Peter Culross 10.15.2011 19:31
    What an old soul... ageless, timeless... I gained more from looking into Tara's eyes than from anything she said. Thank you.
  • Not available avatar Martha Gunzburg 10.15.2011 21:34
    What a wonderful nourishing series this is. Every week just gets better and better - a feast for the heart and soul. Thank you psychotherapy networker. The questions on Discovering New Resources reminded me of what i find so wonderful about Thich Nhat Hanh's healing work- i.e., before touching the pain, we need to touch the positive qualities in ourselves first. This marvelous integration of spirituality and psychotherapy!
  • Not available avatar jim 10.16.2011 04:17
    Tara is truly incredible. Her way with words, as touched by her heart and mind bring these ideas to lush fullness. She makes it accessible and heartfelt. Thank You for this, and for such a great series!
  • Not available avatar Desley 10.16.2011 05:46
    Thank you very much for the wonderful opportunity of listening to these webcast. I have enjoyed them all, but particularly enjoyed Tara's.
  • Not available avatar Renee Segal 10.16.2011 09:23
    Thank you for a peaceful webinar this week. One can tell that Tara lives her practice as it is evident in her presence. I was taken with the two questions: "what about yourself helps you trust your goodness?" and "when you are caught in fear, what is it that you most want to fear?" The way she uses language is very powerful. We must first see our beauty before we can go into the pain. Thank you!! Renee
  • Not available avatar Susan Spieler 10.16.2011 13:21
    Thank you Tara for sharing with us, during your webinar, about your health condition and how you are approaching it. I found that it allowed me to give kindness back to you as you gave to me.
  • Not available avatar Anne Pauline 10.16.2011 17:56
    A Thank You is way not enough! I feel moved very deeply - moved to the core by all the richness, meaning and above all, feeling, behind the spoken words. Truly magic!
  • Not available avatar jay schlechter 10.16.2011 22:55
  • Not available avatar Joy Lang 10.17.2011 09:42
    Thank you Tara for an incredibly moving presentation. I've been quite sceptical of the "mindfulness movement" but your presentation really helped me visualize how I might be able to use this in my practice. I really appreciated the meditation at the end - in just a few short moments I felt more calm and relaxed, again, showing me I need to slow my own life down.
  • Not available avatar Susi Swisher 10.17.2011 17:28
    thank you very much for your calm, thoughtful presence & presentation which opened up a different path for me. I will try and apply "rain" to my personal & professional life where appropriate. Looking forward to reading your book. Namaste!
  • Not available avatar Carol McDermott 10.17.2011 18:16
    Listening to your kind and beautiful words brought me peace. You validated my practice, giving me new ways of talking with my clients.
  • Not available avatar Steve 10.17.2011 19:56
    Thank you so much for the gift of this session.
  • Not available avatar leticia tayabas 10.17.2011 21:45
    Thank you so much Tara and Rich, the final excercise made me feel even more strongly in touch with you and with all the community of people sharing this moment. Psyhotherapy Networker magazine and weminar´s are a great treasure.
  • Not available avatar Jane Whitaker 10.18.2011 09:57
    Thank you both for an inspiring discussion on how we can love ourselves without judging and see the strength and beauty in others. All examples of how we can be with our clients are greatly appreciated. Namaste.
  • Not available avatar Myrta Lange 10.18.2011 10:31
    Thank you Networker for the webinar experience!.
    Tara's presentation was profound in meaning. Thanks.
  • Not available avatar Phil Enns 10.18.2011 12:01
    Today's webcast literally left me speechless. Thankyou for allowing me to deepen my own sense of presence and giving me a window in how I might apply this with clients.
  • Not available avatar Julie Sullivan-Redmond 10.18.2011 13:16
    Thank you for this wonderful session Tara and Rich. I very much appreciated your comments: "Teach in the radiance of your own discovery"--"Don't hand it out in advance"--"Honor the experience". "When I hit the Wall looking for Help is when I make discoveries." I can use these daily.
  • 0 avatar Geri Weitzman 10.18.2011 13:54
    Thank you, Tara, for everything you taught today - but especially for the breath exercise at the end. I've had trouble relating to the breath exercise in the past, but the way you did it really gave it aliveness and fullness. I liked the pause after the in-breath... I could feel my heart beating! And the "let go, let go, let go" with the out-breath... and after a few of these, the invitation to re-experience our more gentled and open inner selves.
  • Not available avatar Merrilee Gibson 10.18.2011 13:58
    Thank you so much. I am deeply grateful for the gentle and loving gifts of this session. I work with some deeply traumatized clients, and I thank you for insights into ways to help them (and me).
  • Not available avatar Judie 10.24.2011 14:07
    Thank you so much for this wonderful presentation. Tara is one of my most favorite teachers with whom I try to listen to daily for my Tara fix.
  • Not available avatar nina 10.27.2011 19:21
    I observe that the female of the group of presenters was the one who could most communicate the feeling and sensing state of what she "taught" in her presentation.

    And she's the only one to provide an actual practice to cultivate the experience.
  • 0 avatar Tamar Chansky 11.08.2011 13:23
    thank you so much for this super-now experience that Tara gave us. Wonderful stories and quotes to share, I scribbled about three pages of notes! What I appreciate in her presentation is how she keeps circling back to the same ideas, but we see with each round that we are somehow at a different level of understanding with them, because of how she has helped us change in the intervening time. wonderful teaching.
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