NP0009 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical Dilemmas

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NP0009, Ethics, Session 1, Mary Jo Barrett


Welcome to New Perspectives on Practice: Handling Today’s Hidden Ethical Dilemmas. This practical and thought-provoking series with leading experts on ethical practice will explore current ethical guidelines for therapists. The first session with Mary Jo Barrett will delve into how to reconcile boundary maintenance and will cover why peer supervision and consultation are vital to ethical therapy, plus many issues that are consistently confusing for clinicians. 

After each session, there will be Comment Boards available as a way for participants to share what was most interesting or relevant from the sessions, and to ask questions of the presenters and of each other. We invite you to utilize these Comment Boards as a forum for thought and discussion after each session and after completing the course.

What was most striking about this session with Mary Jo Barrett? Do you have any similar, relevant experiences? Did this bring up any questions for you? Thanks so much for your participation, and welcome to this important and lively series! And as always, if you ever have any technical questions, please contact support@psychotherapynetworker.org for help.

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