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  • 0 NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough? в†’ NP0010, Mindfulness, Session 4, Michael Yapko 10.24.2011 09:22
    Thank you Brian for this important distinction. Guided meditation is certainly not mindfulness although it is akin to hypnosis, depending on the focus of the guided meditation.
    And although this wonderfully rich discussion had mindfulness and hypnosis as its focus, mindfulness is only one part of the Buddhist path of study, which also emphasizes taking teachings and contemplative (analytic) meditation. It's a tough path. Yet being deeply mindful of and open to, one's "monkey mind" of habitual responses and experiences during such meditation, can lead to change through the process of mind training. Mindfulness is an immediate and frequently uncomfortable experience, while hypnosis usually has quite specific goals, at times remarkable outcomes, and is often pleasant and future oriented.
    I am more than most appreciative of this series and of
    Dr. Yapko's extensive contributions to the field of hypnosis and of his acute and informed observations of aspects of mindfulness. I will buy his book and consider his trainings.
    Melanie Bryan, Psy.D.

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