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  • 0 NP0013 Is Mindfulness Enough? в†’ NP0013, Mindfulness, Session 5, Richard Schwartz 05.20.2012 17:11
    Thank you for this insightful lecture, Dr. Schwartz. I don't know if you're aware of the work by Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel. His body of work is called, "Big Mind Big Heart." He incorporates Zen mindfulness with the Voice Dialogue work of Hal and Sidra Stone. Your version is a bit simpler, which I like, but they are very similar approaches. Unfortunately, while Genpo was an inspired teacher and master therapist, his shadow side appeared to get overwhelmed by all the fame he encountered. Nonetheless, this approach to the Self, and our parts is very helpful and I thank you for sharing it. I plan to go back to using it again. I got a bit discouraged by Genpo's fall from the pedestal, where I mistakenly had placed him.

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