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  • 0 P001 New Perspectives on Trauma TreatmentP001: The Frontiers of Trauma Treatment Web Series 11.24.2010 06:13
    It was striking that no-one seems to have commented on Don Meichenbaum's nagativity about so called energy based therapies such as EFT and TFT in the treatment of PTSD. Perhaps these approaches are not so evidence-based as CBT or even EMDR because no-one will fund what they believe to be the approaches of charlatans, as EMDR was once thought to be. It seems to me that we don't know if certain approaches are valid in the treatment of PTSD because, as Bessel van der Kolk might say, they are not thought to "exist". Would welcome discussion among the presenters.
    Pam O'Brien, LPC
    Washington, DC
  • 0 P001 New Perspectives on Trauma TreatmentDavid Feinstein Comment Board: New Perspectives on Trauma Treatment 11.17.2010 01:09
    The use of EFT is not to my knowledge a reimbursable clinical intervention by Medicare or some Medicaid payors unless the co-occurring use of CBT or other form of so-called talk therapy is documented in the public setting. Feinsten offered an example of the use of EFT with complex PTSD, but it would be helpful to know if more research has been done in this area in order to counter APA and third party opposition as well as help more clients without access to private funds.

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