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  • 0 P004 New Perspectives on Practice: The Great Attachment DebateP004, Attachment, Session 6, Allan Schore 05.10.2011 15:40
    I found myself exclaiming out loud “yes” when Allan reminded us of the origins and authors of ideas and beautifully wove together an interdisciplinary understanding deeply informed by both theory and research. However, his discussion of clinical application in psychotherapy was vague. I would rather he had declined or deferred, for his research and theoretical knowledge alone are more than sufficient. I too found myself wanting further clinical application, since unless I misunderstood, it seemed as if Allan was offering that, beyond the powerful yet already well-understood impact of the therapist-client relationship on many levels.
  • 0 P004 New Perspectives on Practice: The Great Attachment DebateP004: Attachment, Session 1, Alan Sroufe 04.05.2011 17:05
    I am fortunate to be quite familiar with attachment theory, having stumbled upon it and ethology in graduate school (to this day King Solomon's Ring by Konrad Lorenz remains one of my favorite books). So I appreciated that I learned anything today, and indeed that I learned so much. Dr. Sroufe, I have been reflecting all afternoon on your emphasis on the pathways model of development and experience, and that inherent in attachment theory is the interweaving of accounting for a host of systems and variables, e.g. psychological, biological and social.
    I would love to see the pictures you mentioned.
    As a psychotherapist who uses EMDR, which in addition to being mindful of the attunement in the therapeutic relationship, taps into nonverbal "mind/body" experiences and beliefs which, guided by attachment theory, seem to be due to early insecure attachment, I am privileged to witness the healing of the unarticulatable, yet deeply held belief/experiences - particularly around worthiness, which you specifically mentioned - and the movement towards positive outcomes.
    Finally, I enjoyed that a seminar on attachment was not just one talking head, but a conversation. It was fun to notice the tiny mis and re attunements between you two as you discussed the "science of attunment."
    Coral Springs, Florida

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