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  • 0 NP0021 The 6 Most Challenging Issues in TherapyAttachment Issues: Embracing Disowned Parts with Janina Fisher 07.22.2012 08:12
    What a delight to watch and listen to! Thank you Rich, and Janina. I've received warm enlivening wisdom from this conversation, and new, tender but true, ways of connecting to the hurt child parts with clients less comfortable with their vulnerability.
    And the light touch of this work feels to me both respectful and effective. Thank you!
  • 0 NP0011 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?NP0011, Couples, Session 4, Esther Perel 01.03.2012 13:45
    So much food for thought, thank you Esther, and Rich! I enjoyed the global views - great to broaden my thinking and approach. The space for difference feels respectful and the need for meaning makes so much sense! And just listening and watching was life-affirming for me! You also give me a sense of competence, with the caring curiosity, in this tricky arena. I'm thinking about how to apply this in a time of deep, sometimes frightening, transition. This week the ANC celebrate, here in Bloemfontein, the capital of S.A. conservatism, 100 years since the signing of the Freedom Charter, and my Afrikaaner neighbours are still traumatised by their loss of power, and all of us facing our mortality daily. Your approach(es)put me in a place of interest and curiosity, thank you.
  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGESherry Turkle Questions Our Love Affair with Technology 10.28.2011 04:31
    I appreciate the early start Ms Turkle took on looking at the human side of our exploding technological love affair. Her work has helped me clearly from two angles: 1, using techno- connections with clients I needed to think through boundaries and professionalism; 2, living quietly in the country and connecting virtually across many spheres, her work helps me manage my own boundaries, relationships, personal thought and processing, and to live in the virtual and physical world with reflection and consciousness. When I get it right!

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