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Don Meichenbaum, the founder of Cognitive Behavioral Modification, will lead you in this Bonus Session, “What Expert Therapists Do,” on learning how to master the core tasks of psychotherapy and how to enhance your practice and expertise using web-based training procedures. Discover how to use new computer technology as an adjunctive tool in the psychotherapeutic relationship to improve your outcome and better help your clients.

We encourage you to take a few minutes after this session to comment on what you’ve learned from this presentation, and from the course as a whole. What was most striking or most relevant to you? What questions do you have? As always, if you ever have any technical issues, just email support@psychotherapynetworker.org for help!

08.23.2011   Posted In: NP007 The Road to Clinical Excellence   By Psychotherapy Networker
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  • 0 avatar James Venneear 08.23.2011 13:18
    Don, Thank you very much for such a stimulating presentation.
    Being a retired social worker, I am doing volunteer work with a human trafficking crisis line. Your nine box CCM will help me immensely when I'm working with the victims/survivors of trafficking.
  • Not available avatar Merrilee Gibson 08.23.2011 13:26
    I first attended a presentation of Dr. Meichenbaum in the mid-1990’s, and have since been privileged to hear him on several occasions. I also have several of his books, which have proved invaluable.
    I am so very grateful for this session today, which was a virtuoso presentation by a master therapist. I very much appreciate the well-organized and eminently practical information, and the abundant resources offered. I will visit the websites mentioned with gratitude for “giving science away” to us. Dr. Meichenbaum, you have engendered hope for us all. Thank you so much.
    Merrilee Nolan Gibson, MA., LMFT, San Mateo, California
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