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  • 0 avatar Merrilee Gibson 08.17.2011 12:21
    Appreciated information in William Pinsof’s presentation. Very informative, quite clearly presented, perhaps a glimpse of the future of psychotherapy. I will visit this website, seek out the recommended articles, gain more information.

    Pinsof says this is his life’s work, and I do respect his commitment and the very impressive work that is being done and envisioned.

    This is now the sixth of these sessions. I as a clinician have listened with interest to all presenters. I have some concerns. It seems that each presenter has a system that they are committed to, and that works very well for them. So, if the wave of the future is in these systems, who decides which system to use? Or, how do the different systems become compatible? Each presenter has stated that they feel the use of their particular system has made them a better therapist, and I believe them.

    Therapists are an independent and contrary lot (I know this because I am one). We are seeing visions of the future of psychotherapy. Fascinating, challenging. Who decides which vision to use? What about those who are not systems people, the dedicated individualists, Rogers-style therapists, for instance, who rely on the development of their empathy and intuition and work from a place of respect for each and every individual? Are we to be left in the dust? Just asking.

    I do very much appreciate this information, and will delve further into these new and challenging areas. I do greatly respect each presenter, and value their commitment and willingness to share. Thank you all, and the Psychotherapy Networker for these presentations.
    Merrilee Nolan Gibson, MA, LMFT
  • Not available avatar Joy Lang, MSW, RSW 08.21.2011 11:31
    What a facinating presentation today. Of all of the models presented in this webinar, this sounds like the method of feedback would be most useful to my practice. I appreciated how the information obtained is used in the clinical sessions with the clients, asking them to explain their thoughts about why the scores are what they are. I can imagine using that with my clients in a way some of the others are harder to picture.

    Thanks again for the whole webinar and the pursuit towards clinical excellence. There has been a lot of food for thought.

    Joy Lang, MSW, RSW
    Waterloo, ON Canada
  • Not available avatar Julie 08.22.2011 18:59
    I was really glad to hear of a feedback instrument including the FOO and partner scales. And reassured to hear Dr. Pinsof indicate that sometimes one spouse decreasing on the scale can actually be positive when it is connected to increased awareness and sensitivity to the other spouse's reality. It has been my impression that the other webinars have indicated that the scales should be improving each and every session.

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