NP007 The Road to Clinical Excellence

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NP007, Excellence, Session 2, Etienne Wenger


How is a community of practice different than solitary learning? You make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest research and training methods by constantly reading and trying to apply what you’ve learned with clients. Etienne Wenger, a noted pioneer in exploring the processes of social learning, will explain why the key learning processes and relationships are starkly different from formal curricula and standard learning methods. He’ll discuss why individual clinicians need the support of communities in order to problem-solve, gain perspective on their practice and their clients, and to truly keep up-to-date with new methods.

We hope you come away from this session with Etienne Wenger with a new perspective and understanding of how communities should play an important role in your therapeutic practice. One way to begin acting upon this new way of thinking is to really engage in the Comment Boards throughout this series. As you’ll see after hearing from Etienne Wenger, there’s a difference between learning and reflecting on what you’ve learned inwardly, and sharing your thoughts and experiences with peers.

Please take just a few minutes to comment on what you found most interesting about the presentation, your experience, and to ask any questions you may have.

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