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We all strive to improve at what we do each day, but how do we achieve excellence as therapists? How do we ensure that we consistently succeed in helping clients?

The Road to Clinical Excellence includes six presentations, plus a bonus session, which are sure to change the way you think about clinical mastery. You’ll learn about the most recent research on the topic of excellence, and come away with practical ways that you can use to immediately and dramatically enhance your therapeutic effectiveness.

The first session with Scott Miller, the founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence, will cover why experience, theoretical orientation, and interpersonal skills actually are not highly correlated with outcome. He’ll discuss ways to drastically enhance your performance and how to reinforce your clinical growth by creating “cultures of excellence.”

Please take a few minutes after each session is over to engage in the Comment Board. Feel free to comment about what you’ve learned in the session, to ask any questions you may have of the presenter or your peers, or to share any relevant experiences.

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