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  • 0 NP0014 Diets and Our Demons в†’ NP0014, Diets, Session 3, Linda Bacon 02.25.2012 21:36
    I am so glad that you are working so hard at putting the message out there and disseminating this information amoung professionals who can have the most impact. I completely endorse your message and practice this with my clients. I am an eating disorder therapist and I have so many clients who come to me who have been on a diet for many years, have attended "weight loss camps", have been given messages by doctors that they need to lose weight and given terrible advice, and are now struggling for their lives because they developed eating disorders! It is incredibly sad that this is happening and that we continue to disseminate and to propagate erroneous information in the name of health. I am also a sport psychologist, so I often encourage intuitive eating, physical activity and engagement in their lives in accordance with their values and strengths, rather than focusing on appearance. I am also a fan on health at every size, so I was so glad to hear you will be going to ADA and debating. Well done!

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