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  • 0 NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough? в†’ NP0010, Mindfulness, Session 4, Michael Yapko 10.19.2011 17:14
    As one who has studied and practiced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy since the early 80's and practiced mindfulness since the mid-70's, I would like to comment. Dr. Yapko appears to be comparing hypnosis and guided meditation,not hypnosis and mindfulness. There is a difference.
    Guided meditation & hypnosis have a number of things in common, including suggestion and dissociation. They also have mindfulness in common (i.e.: attention). But mindfulness is more than a technique or therapeutic strategy.It is a practice, that if done consistently, allows one to frequently experience the rawness, vividness and immediacy of momentary existence, as well as knowing the habitual everyday trance experience. In essence, one becomes more familiar with ones overall process, which of course can help when relating to others. Mindfulness can be done either as a secular or a spiritual practice.
    Brian O'Connor MA LMHC, CDP

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