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  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGE в†’ Dan Siegel's Saturday Morning Keynote 03.28.2010 17:26
    To me, Dan Siegel was the highlight of the entire Symposium. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the rest of the Symposium, but Dan "speaks" to me as I am sure he does to so many of us. I already had his books The Mindful Brain and Mindsight, so I was prepared to love him before he even walked on the stage. And, he did not disappoint!

    I spent so much money it is ridiculous! I got his newest book, The Mindful Therapist (so great that we were able to get advanced copies of this book and that I was able to get his autograph), and all four of the DVDs of his presentations at the Symposium. I want all of my therapist friends and colleagues to know about this guy and read his books.

    Thanks, Rich Simon, for a wonderful (first for me) Symposium!

    Billy Ledford

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