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  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGERon Taffel's Friday Lunch Address 03.27.2010 17:38
    Yes, the images were powerful! And Ron Taffel, as usual captures the family so well. I remember when we had to sit up straight, napkin in the lap, elbows off the table, and your hair had to be tied back while at the table. And no my own children (nor the families I work with) have anything near that scene today.

    The Networker has done an excellent job over the years of providing the support for the therapist family tribe. Thanks and thanks for staying up to date with the addition of the web2.0 tools. aloha
  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGEBest Saturday Learning Moment or Workshop? 03.27.2010 17:30
    Saturday Learning Moment

    It had to be during the Kagan/Taffel Workshop on Temperament. A lively discussion ensued when Daniel Siegel joined in the dialog. I think this gave me a chance to think deeper about the topic of attachment. I look forward to the continued discussion in the Networker magazine. It is not often we get to listen in on the intricacies of the masters in a field of work.

    Hi PNetworker, some of my colleagues said the Soprano's conference was great. aloha
  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGEDan Siegel's Saturday Morning Keynote 03.27.2010 17:12
    Dan Siegel is a wonderful speaker and has great information to share. I first became aquatinted with his work sometime back in 2003 and it changed the way I practice. I still can never remember all the neuroscience words but totally get what he says and teach much of it to clients (children/families) I work with.

    "For me, someone who’s grown up in this “information age”, I kept thinking that maybe that’s something we’ve all been missing: the exchange of energy alongside information".- PNetworker
    Hi PNetworker, I am old school; love the face to face/eye contact & connection. I work with kids on their social skills and mindfulness daily. I have worried about the digital native - wired generation and how they will get along with so many of their connections happening digitally rather than interpersonally. And/but after recently returning to school for another master's (that included the use of information technology in education) I have learned to understand (and embrace) the meaning of web2.0 tools for the digital native and now strive to see how to two can... coexist? The wired world is not going to go away, but we must teach the children the skill set of mindfulness so they will have those neural connections, and be able to relate on a one on one personal connected level and on a personal tribal level. aloha

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