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Grow and Strengthen Your Clinical Practice Now

Leading Entrepreneurial and Business Experts Show You How

Lynn Grodzki

Lynn Grodzki

Joe Bavonese

Joe Bavonese

Casey Truffo

Casey Truffo

Nicholas Cummings

Nicholas Cummings

Jeff Auerbach

Jeff Auerbach

DeeAnna Nagel

DeeAnna Nagel

There’s no better time to take a good look at the business and financial side of your practice than right now. And there’s no better way to find out about the strategies and skills that will help you fine-tune your practice for success than this 6-session video course—Grow Your Clinical Practice Now: Increase Financial Success while Doing the Work You Love.

We’ve brought together some of the field’s leading innovators and business-minded visionaries to share strategies for growing your clinical practice now and positioning yourself and your practice for financial success long term. They include:
  • How to use technology to stay connected with clients who travel or move away. Learn all you need to know about the clinical issues, technology, ethical considerations, and more.
  • How to make it easy for people to connect with you from every page of your website by phone, email, or text. According to experts, a single change on your website can increase contacts up to 30%. Find out what that change is and learn about other ways to draw new clients to your practice.
  • The power of specialization. Learn how to identify the areas where your personal passion and therapeutic experience overlap, and how to talk about what you do in terms that will attract new clients.
  • How to generate more income by leveraging the work you already do.

6 Leading Experts! 6 Information-Packed Sessions!

Keep Your Clinical Practice Healthy

Lynn Grodzki, L.C.S.W., M.C.C.

Find out about the needs, attitudes, and expectations of today's mental health consumers and how to meet them without compromising your practice or values. This session covers:

Lynn Grodzki
  • Understanding the changing needs and habits of today’s mental health consumer
  • Confronting your own inner obstacles to developing a more entrepreneurial mindset
  • Learning a 4-step model for strategic business planning using the 4 R’s: Review, Recommit, Rebrand, and Reinvest
  • Honing a business “mantra” to give discipline and persistence to your practice development plan
  • Choosing a therapeutic “track” and a niche that fit your skills, outlook, and the practice opportunities in your community

Branding Your Practice

Joe Bavonese, Ph.D.

Learn the marketing principles and social media know-how that will let you stand out from the pack and attract the clients who are “best-fits” for you and your approaches. This session covers:

Joe Bavonese
  • Developing your Unique Service Proposition and recognizing the importance of meaning, story, and emotion in getting your message out to the world
  • Getting beyond the fear of specializing to choose a niche that reflects your expertise and passion
  • Generating referrals and establishing an effective online presence
  • Mastering the art of the Elevator Speech that defines your distinctive service
  • Learning a 4-step approach for quickly focusing consumers’ attention on your brand

Creating Multiple Streams of Income

Casey Truffo, M.F.T.

Find out how to generate more income simply by leveraging the approaches and services you already offer. This session covers:

Casey Truffo
  • Maximizing your time-energy output by distinguishing between your work and running a business
  • Developing information products that draw on your specialities
  • Understanding the principles of “pink spoon” marketing
  • Expanding your practice model to include new approaches, like conducting retreats and intensives
  • Becoming a practice manager or developing a concierge practice

Integrated Behaviorial Healthcare and You

Nicholas Cummings, Ph.D.

Explore the new professional roles available to therapists in our increasingly integrated healthcare systems and evaluate the possibilities they hold for you by:

Nicholas Cummings
  • Reviewing the historical relationship between psychotherapy and the larger healthcare system
  • Examining the current trends shaping the direction of managed care and integrated mental health
  • Exploring new opportunities for psychotherapists in today's medical systems
  • Identify the knowledge and skills that behavioral health professionals need to succeed in a medical practice setting
  • Learn how to position yourself to maximize your earning potential in an increasingly integrated system of care

Lessons from Coaching for Mental Health Professionals

Jeff Auerbach, Ph.D.

Get a practical understanding of how executive, wellness, and personal coaches help clients grow and change with an emphasis on approaches that are relevant to your practice by:

Jeff Auerbach
  • Learning how to distinguish coaching from psychotherapy
  • Understanding the opportunities and career prospects offered by various types of coaching, including executive, wellness, and personal coaching
  • Finding out what skills and knowledge make an effective coach
  • Examining the characteristics of therapists who’ve been most successful in transitioning to coaching
  • Understanding the best approaches to finding coaching clients and marketing coaching services

Understanding and Incorporating Digital Therapy

DeeAnna Nagel, L.P.C.

Explore the new range of digital alternatives to face-to-face therapy and learn how to use them while protecting yourself from the communication pitfalls and ethical gray areas they present by: 

DeeAnna Nagel
  • Learning about the differences among email, chat, audio, video, and virtual reality as platforms for the therapeutic encounter
  • Examining the Disinhibition Effect and how it can shape online therapy
  • Exploring the ethical and legal issues that must be considered when offering online therapy
  • Discussing how to integrate an online practice into a more traditional practice model to maximize the possibilities for increased income

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Audio Bonus: Flash Forum on Private Practice

With Ofer Zur, Lynn Grodzki, and Joe Bavonese

Get an up-to-the-minute perspectives on the economic and social forces that are shaping the prospects for today’s clinical practitioners and find out about the latest approaches for thriving in today’s competitive mental health marketplace. Each presenter offers a 20-minute TED Talk-style. You’ll learn:

Flash Form
  • The language of integrative health—a new pathway for successful therapy practice
  • How to adjust your mindset to align with a new generation of clients
  • How to use 21st-century marketing know-how to make sure your practice survives

Premium Audio: 3 Great "How To" Workshops

Get downloadable audios, powerpoints, and handouts for all these Bonus Audio workshops!

Internet Marketing Boot Camp with Joe Bavonese—a 3-hour workshop
Learn how to design your website to maximize the probability of converting visitors to clients, optimize your online presence to take advantage of the increasing use of mobile devices, position your website for consistent local search results, and proven methods—both paid and free—to help new referrals find you. 

Mastering the Inner Game of Business with Lynn Grodzki—a 4-hour workshop
Learn how to improve client retention, organize the business details of your practice, and formulate solid treatment plans to speed the clients’ progress. Get tips for confidently setting and collecting fees while allowing clients to express feelings about the sticky issue of having to pay for therapy. 

From Therapist to Coach with Robert Pasick—a 3-hour workshop
Learn about the 4 basic types of coaching clients seek: developing leadership skills; making career changes and transitions; guidance on how to make tough decisions; and how to resolve difficult conflicts. Get the tools you need to evaluate coaching as an option for you.

Have You Ever Wondered...

  • How to build and maintain a successful therapy practice in today's medical marketplace?
  • About the role that the internet and social media can play in your practice?
  • How to offer your services and products in a way that is more financially rewarding?
  • What the current state of the professional world and the economy means for your business?
  • What the differences are between being a therapist and a coach, and whether coaching is the right path for you?
  • Whether offering therapy via online venues is effective, ethical, or even possible?

Get the answers and insight you're looking for—plus guidance and inspiration from leading therapists—in our long-awaited Webcast Grow Your Clinical Practice Now.

Increase your financial success while doing the work you love. Get practical, down-to-earth guidance on incorporating the building blocks for financial success in your clinical practice operations, website, and marketing with our video course—Grow Your Clinical Practice Now

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But enough words—to see what we mean, just click on the video below to watch a preview.

Casey Truffo explains how intensives can increase your income and help more clients.

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Learn how to connect effectively with clients who find you through the internet, leverage what you already do well to make additional income, and explore new skills and roles that can expand your clinical reach and effectiveness with our video course Grow Your Clinical Practice Now

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