William Doherty
“The Wisdom of Mad Men

Doherty, William 2016

Saturday Dinner Event

The Wisdom of Mad Men
Lessons for Therapists

In its seven seasons on TV, Mad Men captivated audiences and critics alike with its mesmerizing recreation of 1960s America and its evocation of power, sex, booze, and chauvinism at a succeed-at-any-cost Madison Avenue advertising firm. With a focus on dysfunctional family life, toxic work relationships, and a cast of characters lost in a fog of addiction to tobacco, alcohol, and promiscuity, the show also provided a primetime window into the evolution of psychotherapy as both a reflection of culture and a force that shaped it.

Join psychotherapist William Doherty as he guides us through numerous clips and highlights from the series so that whether you’re a loyal fan or a newbie, you’ll be part of the interactive conversation. We’ll discuss what the show’s view of the 1960s psychotherapy scene tells us about then—and also now. We’ll explore questions about the ways in which that decade’s profound changes still reverberate today in our current views of gender, marriage, family roles, and professional success.

For a fun evening of insight and provocation, share the madness—and the method—of Mad Men!

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