Lisa Kays

104 – Making It Up As We Go Along

How Improv Can Lead to a More Authentic Life

So much of therapy is helping clients say “yes” when their habit is to say “no.” The principles of improvisation mirror this work, providing a safe space that inspires risk-taking, elicits unforeseen new options, and honors fun as a crucial dimension in life. During this experiential workshop (wear comfortable shoes!), you’ll experience an exhilaration, liberation, and authenticity that will leave you energized and inspired. You’ll walk away with:

  • Concrete ways to apply the improvisation spirit of “yes, and” to your clinical work, resulting in greater empathy, joining, and surfacing of unexpected clinical material
  • Increased comfort with the stance of “not knowing”
  • Strategies to shift feeling states and access creativity that can easily be applied in your personal and professional life
  • A greater capacity to challenge the barriers we all experience to intimacy and spontaneity

Lisa Kays, PLLC, is a therapist in private practice and a former program director at the Insight Treatment Centers. She’s also worked as a chemical dependency counselor at the Kolmac Clinic and as an addictions therapist at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women.

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