Kenneth Hardy


The View from Black America: Listening to the Untold Stories
Kenneth Hardy

Therapist/activist Kenneth Hardy will highlight the untold stories of the strength and resilience of the neglected inhabitants of poor communities and the role mental health professionals can play in helping disadvantaged people navigate a society where the odds seem increasingly stacked against them.

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204/304 – Getting Through to Inner-City Youth

Discovering the Untapped Hero Within

Look into the troubled lives of many impoverished inner-city youth and you’ll often discover a walled-off history of unacknowledged loss. This workshop will broaden your understanding of how social context can breed traumatic injury and offers a fresh look at the importance of uncovering the buried impact of trauma in the lives of acting-out
youth. We’ll focus on how to:

  • Maintain an effective, empathic therapeutic alliance with kids who
    are nonresponsive, hostile, and even physically threatening
  • Develop a genogram-like Loss Diagram detailing the deaths of loved ones, serial placements in foster homes, and dislocations due to economic or family circumstances
  • Help clients discover and appreciate their positive traits and skills that helped them through tough times, which are the key resources they’ll need to move toward a better future

Continued with workshop 304.
Kenneth Hardy, PhD, is director of the Eikenberg Institute for Relationships
and professor of marriage and family
therapy at Drexel University.

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