Julie Duffy Dillon

610 – A Food-Peace Tool Kit

A Therapist’s Primer on Diet and Weight

The diet industry takes in 60 billion dollars a year by urging us to follow rigid meal plans, submit to painful exercise regimens, and distrust our bodies. But while it promises weight loss, the research suggests weight increases and quality of life decreases when people diet. So how are we to respond to clients seeking help with weight loss? This workshop will open up an opportunity for you to reconsider how you communicate about nutrition, exercise, and body size, as well as how you currently experience your own body and eating habits. In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Assess current medical and cultural messages about health, nutrition, and body size and how that affects the psychotherapy experience
  • Describe health promoting nutrition and exercise paradigms that prevent disordered eating, weight cycling, and body dissatisfaction
  • Explore strategies for clients affected by Binge Eating Disorder to navigate their own recovery

Julie Duffy Dillon, RD, NCC, is a registered dietitian, eating disorder specialist, and food behavior expert and the founding dietitian of the BirdHouse Nutrition Therapy dietitian private practice. She is also host of the Love, Food podcast series.

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