Hugh Byrne

103 – Transforming Your Habits

A Mindfulness-Based Approach

Almost all of us have habits that we’d like to change as well as healthy habits that we wish to cultivate. However, as we know, changing ingrained habits can prove to be among life’s most frustrating challenges. Mindfulness is a key to habit change, allowing us to bring unconscious and automatic behaviors into the light of awareness and expand our capacity for making more informed choices. In this workshop, you’ll discover not only how to transform your own habits, but also how to help clients change habits that don’t serve them. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify habits that you wish to change and others that increase well being you want to develop
  • Apply mindfulness strategies before, during, and after habits arise to improve the probability of behavior change
  • Proactively cultivate attitudes of acceptance, kindness, and curiosity that are essential to changing any habit, whether it’s eating, drinking, worrying, or procrastinatin

Hugh Byrne, PhD, a guiding teacher with Insight Meditation Community of Washington and co founder of the Mindfulness Training Institute and the Meditation Teacher Training Institute, is author of The Here and Now Habit: How Mindfulness Can Help You Break Unhealthy Habits Once and For All.

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