Frank Anderson

603 – How Therapy Can Enhance Psychopharmacology

Separating Myths from Reality

Many therapists feel that talking about meds with their clients is beyond their purview. But this workshop presents a model for helping therapists become more informed and effective in working with their clients on medication issues in ways that will enhance the success of the meds and deepen the therapeutic process. In addition, you’ll learn about the latest advances in psychopharmacology and sort through what research is revealing about the many debates and controversies surrounding the use of meds.

  • Distinguish between the biological and psychological components of psychiatric symptoms and learn how to work with both
  • Elicit clients’ attitude and responses to medication, including fear of becoming dependent or uncovering wounds and vulnerabilities
  • Review the best prescribing practices for medications and dosage for a range of disorders
  • Work with your own feelings and beliefs around meds that can get in the way of the therapeutic process

Frank Anderson, MD, is a psychiatrist as well as a psychotherapist. He’s the chairman of the Foundation for Self Leadership and a supervisor at the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute.

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