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The View from Black America: Listening to the Untold Stories
Kenneth Hardy

Therapist/activist Kenneth Hardy will highlight the untold stories of the strength and resilience of the neglected inhabitants of poor communities and the role mental health professionals can play in helping disadvantaged people navigate a society where the odds seem increasingly stacked against them.

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1:15 PM Saturday Luncheon Address

The Science of Therapeutic Attunement: Intersubjective Regulation from the Inside Out
Stephen Porges

Noted researcher Paul Ekman has called psychophysiologist Stephen Porges’ work “a truly revolutionary perspective on human nature.” In his groundbreaking book, The Polyvagal Theory, Stephen transformed therapists’ understanding of the underlying mechanisms of traumatic response and how safety, caring, and trustworthiness is conveyed unconsciously in our body language, voice tonality, facial expression, and eye contact.
Ever since, he’s become an indispensable guide for therapists who want to understand, from the inside out, how therapy works at the level of the nervous system.

In his lunchtime address, Stephen will explore what Polyvagal Theory tells us about the common element in good therapy, good teaching, and good social relations—turning off defensiveness and establishing a sense of safety. He’ll show how understanding neurobiology and psychophysiological cues can enhance therapists’ capacity to best create these conditions in the consulting room.

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7:00 PM Friday Dinner Event

My Most Unforgettable Session: An Evening of Storytelling
Courtney Armstrong, Mary Jo Barrett, Margaret Nichols, Terry Real, Hedy Schleifer, Ron Taffel

Join six Master Therapists as they engage in the art of storytelling and
invite you into an evening of deep listening and authentic experience.
As in the acclaimed first-person storytelling program The Moth, each
therapist will recount a deeply felt, real-life experience that will inspire,
provoke, and enchant. The more you listen, the more you’ll feel like
you’re huddled around a campfire exchanging stories and sharing insights in an
experience of communal discovery.

Each therapist will reveal a tale from the heart about a session, a client, or a
therapeutic moment that stands out from all the others because it was . . . the most
meaningful? Surprising? Humbling? Explosive? Hilarious? Come and find out!
Whether told from the point of view of the therapist, client, or supervisor,
the story will be a no-holds barred revelation ranging the gamut of emotions of
empathy, fear, suffering, celebration, pain, intimacy, embarrassment, and wonder.
You’ll leave with a deepened sense of what it means at the core to be a therapist.

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7:00 PM Saturday Dinner Event

The Wisdom of Mad Men: Lessons for Therapists
William Doherty

Get ready for an exciting journey of clips and highlights from Mad Men as host William Doherty explores what the show’s view of the 1960s and ’70s culture and psychotherapy scene tells us about then—and also now.

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9:00 AM Sunday Keynote

How Hard Times Can Open the Heart: Deepening Your Brain’s Natural Powers for Healing
Rick Hanson

With his bestselling books Buddha’s Brain, Hardwiring Happiness, and Just One Thing, psychologist Rick Hanson has become the foremost explicator of the brain’s “negativity bias,” our evolutionary tendency as vulnerable mammals to be more or less continually on the lookout for danger, ready to fight or flee, and more likely to remember bad experiences than good. Integrating his background in neuroscience, contemplative practices, and
positive psychology, he’s also become one of our foremost clinical innovators, focused on how to help clients have greater access to their inner resources and enhance their capacity for deep pleasure and savoring the moment.

In his keynote address, Rick will focus on how our deepening understanding of neuroscience can enable us, even in times of great stress, to tap into five natural capacities of the brain that, rather than constricting us into fight, flight or freeze, can open possibilities for living fuller, more aware lives.

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