Dana LaCroix

113 – The Performer in You

Learning to Step Up to Any Platform

If you’ve ever longed to be a more dynamic—or just more comfortable—public speaker, here’s your chance to hone your skills and bring out your inner performer. You’ll learn the essentials of breath control, body language, and stage presence as you participate in a range of fun exercises that will help you get comfortable with your voice and your body. You’ll discover how to connect with your material and express it with commitment and authentic feeling. You’ll push your boundaries in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment—and build the confidence and sense of competence you need to step up to any platform. You’ll learn to:

  • Explore the core causes of the self-doubt that hampers your ability to speak out, and learn to use them as pathways to powerful communication
  • Use improvisational theater games that unlock the resources of the subconscious mind and help you become more comfortable with spontaneity
  • Discover the freedom and sheer joy of singing, speaking, and fearlessly expressing your true self with words and song

Dana LaCroix is a professional singer, songwriter, and critically acclaimed recording and touring artist. She’s written songs for feature films, been director of music at the New Drama School in Copenhagen, Denmark, and worked as a vocal coach at the Danish Academy of Music.

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