Anita Mandley

426 – Overcoming Culture Blindness

Treating Cultural and Historical Traumas

If you work with African Americans, Native Americans, Holocaust survivors and their descendants, or any other disenfranchised clients, you’re working with the legacies of cultural and historical trauma. This workshop will open a path toward addressing wounds and issues that too often go ignored and limit the effectiveness of therapy. Discover how to enhance your work with people who have different cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds as well as those from a different gender or social class. We’ll focus on:

  • Increasing awareness of how race, culture, identity, social context, and privilege shape the development of complex trauma and impact the therapeutic relationship
  • Learning a model of self-regulation that allows therapists to regulate their neurobiological activation and bias
  • Using cultural assessment to understand the intersection of culture, race, and identity with developmental and complex trauma
  • Identifying and addressing the survival narrative that can be the key to working with clients’ cultural trauma

Note: This workshop fulfills many state-board requirements for training in cultural competency.
Anita Mandley, MS, LCPC, serves as the team leader for the Adult Trauma Team and the Dialectical Behavior Team at the Center for Contextual Change.

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607 – An Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Principles and Techniques

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a model that can be applied across a range of difficult-to-treat conditions, including borderline personality disorder, alcoholism, eating disorders, and a range of self-injurious behaviors. This workshop will teach you how to develop tools to integrate the principles and techniques of DBT with your work, no matter what population you treat. You’ll learn specific skills and strategies to help clients:

  • Develop the capacity to self-soothe, self-regulate, tolerate connection with others, accept help, and support and maintain a stable sense of self
  • Empower themselves through the use of mindfulness, breath awareness, and self-observation techniques to achieve more emotional control
  • Develop tools to enhance their capacity for positive experiences and self-care

Anita Mandley, MS, LCPC, who has more than 30 years of experience in the mental health field, serves as the team leader for the Adult Trauma Team and the Dialectical Behavior Team at the Center for Contextual Change in Skokie, Illinois.

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