Susan Johnson
“Attachment and the Dance of Sex”

Johnson, Susan 2016

Saturday Morning Keynote

Attachment and the Dance of Sex
Integrating Couples and Sex Therapy

Until relatively recently, the very notion that concepts like romantic love and the longing for emotionally closeness had any scientific basis raised eyebrows among the academic research establishment. Susan Johnson, the developer of Emotionally Focused therapy (EFT),  has not only been a clinical pioneer in demonstrating how to bring an immediate experience of deep intimacy into troubled relationships,  but has brought the rigor of empirical science to bear in establishing EFT’s effectiveness. As both a clinician and researcher she has established that it is not an oxymoron to speak of the “science of love.”

In her keynote, Johnson will show how attachment science offers a new understanding of  sexuality and how the emotional sanctuary of committed relationships can help partners discover their distinctive sexual signature and lead to optimal lovemaking.

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