Rick Hanson
“How Hard Times Can Open the Heart”


Sunday Morning Keynote

How Hard Times Can Open the Heart
Deepening Your Brain’s Natural Powers for Healing

With his best-selling books Buddha’s Brain, Hardwiring Happiness, and Just One Thing, psychologist Rick Hanson has become the foremost explicator of the brain’s “negativity bias,” our evolutionary tendency as vulnerable mammals to be more or less continually on the lookout for danger, ready to fight or flee, and more likely to remember bad experiences than good. Integrating his background in neuroscience, contemplative practices and positive psychology, he has also become one of our foremost clinical innovators, focused on how to help clients have greater access to their inner resources and enhance their capacity for deep pleasure and savoring  the moment.

In his keynote address, Hanson will focus on how our deepening understanding of neuroscience  can enable us, even in times of great stress, to tap into five natural capacities of the brain that, rather than constricting us into fight, flight or freeze, can open possibilities for living fuller, more aware lives.

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