David Whyte
“The Pilgrim Way”

Whyte, David 2016 (3)

Friday Morning Keynote

The Pilgrim Way
Taking the Path of Risk and Revelation

David Whyte may be the closest thing we have to an ancient Homeric bard—someone who offers a spellbinding mix of poetry, myth, philosophical reflection, and personal anecdote to audiences all over the world. That he’s also trained as a marine zoologist and led naturalist trips in the Galapagos, South America, and the Himalayas only burnishes his credentials as a traveling wise man with a deep, spiritual connection to the natural world. His unique presentations evoke in their listeners a renewed conviction that even the most difficult experience can be an occasion for transformation.

In today’s keynote, he’ll explore what it means to view human life as a pilgrimage across unpredictable terrain while recognizing that, no matter how solitary our existence may seem at times, we’re vitally dependent upon hospitality from family, friends and strangers alike along the way.

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