Kenneth Hardy
“The View from Black America”


Friday Luncheon Address

The View from Black America
Listening to the Untold Stories

In its coverage of Ferguson and Baltimore, the media has fixed on lurid images of violence and destruction without providing much context for understanding the conditions of daily life that could possibly spark such explosive outrage. As one of the most eloquent and compelling therapist/activists who has remained committed to working in poor communities, Ken Hardy has spent much of his career working in poor communities and addressing the social injustice that is often interwoven with emotional pathology. He has led the field in developing training programs and materials for human service agencies providing trauma-based, culturally sensitive care to children, couples and families.

In his address, he will explore the untold stories of the strength and resilience of the neglected inhabitants of poor communities and the role mental health professionals can play in enabling disadvantaged people to deal with tough conditions—even if the revolution doesn’t seem to be around the corner.

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