406/506 – Rewiring for Love

Atkinson, Brent 2016
Increasing the Capacity for Connection

An overwhelming body of research now suggests that clinicians rely too much on insight and understanding—and too little on repetitive practice—in promoting lasting change. In other words, weekly therapy sessions are no match for deeply conditioned and internalized emotional patterns. That’s why we need to help clients engage in daily practices that rewire their patterns of emotional response. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to help clients implement a reconditioning program that includes:

  • Accessing audio recordings and interactive, web-based tools that provide on-demand, personalized step-by-step guidance at the moments when they need it
  • Implementing practice protocols that deliberately restimulate and interrupt old emotional reactions through visualization, relaxation, and mental rehearsal
  • Engaging in “sustained inviting” practices that prime and strengthen the brain’s intimacy circuits, boosting naturally occurring feelings of empathy, playfulness, and desire
  • Using smartphone technology to create a system of reminders, protocols, and check-in procedures that enhance follow-through

Continued with workshop 506.

Brent Atkinson, PhD, is director of post-graduate training at the Couples Research Institute and professor emeritus at Northern Illinois University. He’s the author of Couples Therapy: Advances from Neurobiology and the Science of Intimate Relationships.

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