315 – The New Era of Brain-Based Psychotherapy (Clinical Showcase*)

Feinstein, David 2016
Energy Psychology and Brainspotting under the Microscope

Recent years have seen a cascade of innovative psychotherapies claiming to routinely achieve dramatic breakthroughs without relying on many of the fundamental features of traditional talk therapy. Using videos of clinical sessions, this workshop will focus on two of the most influential of these approaches, Emotional Freedom Technique and Brainspotting, exploring how the practical clinical procedures used by each model trigger the neurobiological changes that can result in rapid therapeutic improvement. Moderating the discussion will be noted neuroscientist Stephen Porges, developer of the Polyvagal Theory. Among the topics covered will be:

  • What talk therapists can learn from EFT’s tapping procedure
  • How the methods of Brainspotting can be integrated into talk therapy
  • What concrete clinical advances have been fueled by neuroscience

David Feinstein, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who served on the faculties of the John’s Hopkins University School of Medicine and Antioch College. His books have won eight national awards, including the USA Book News Best Psychology/Mental Health Book of 2007.

David Grand, PhD, is the developer of Brainspotting and has trained more than 8,000 therapists internationally. He’s the author of Brainspotting: The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change.

Stephen Porges, PhD is Distinguished University Scientist at Indiana University, where he’s creating a trauma research center within the Kinsey Institute. He’s author of The Polyvagal Theory.

* Clinical Showcases highlight the different ways well-known innovators approach common clinical problems. Master therapists will show video clips of their work and then engage in a probing exploration of their moment-to-moment therapeutic decision-making. The goal is to open up possibilities for dialogue, debate, and fresh perspectives not usually featured within more standard workshop formats.

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