119 – Conscious Breathing

Youst, Jeremy 2016
Recharge and Replenish with Breathwork

We’re all born knowing how to breathe, but our frenzied lives can lead to a constricting breathing that makes us feel as if we’re running on fumes, not on the fresh air that allow us to thrive. This energizing workshop will teach you to breathe freely and fully in ways that boost energy, reverse burnout, reduce stress, and lessen fatigue.

  • Learn how and why conscious, intentional breathing can yield quick changes in your mood and state of mind
  • Participate in rejuvenating exercises that oxygenate your body and brain
  • Experience an increased sense of social connection and body awareness through somatic breathwork
  • Explore ways to use breathwork to help clients take mindfulness to the next level

Jeremy Youst is the founder of the Power of Breath Institute. For more than 30 years, his curriculum has trained and certified Somatic Breath Therapy practitioners.

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