115 – Healing Insomnia

Naiman, Rubin 2016
A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach

Although therapists routinely encounter sleeplessness in their practice, few are adequately prepared to address it. And failure to do so can impede the treatment of mood disorders, trauma, addictions, and even relationship issues. This workshop presents an integrative (body-mind-spirit) treatment approach that draws on cognitive behavior therapy, natural remedies, sleep hygiene, and spiritual strategies. It also transforms our view of sleep from a medical necessity to one of life’s sustaining satisfactions. We’ll focus on:

  • How to define, evaluate, and treat the three primary types of insomnia—sleep onset insomnia, sleep maintenance insomnia, and non-restorative sleep—and their major causes
  • The role of circadian rhythms in healthy sleep, insomnia, and achieving mental well-being
  • How to expand your practice with a specialization in the new field of behavioral sleep medicine

Rubin Naiman, PhD, a clinicial psychologist, is the sleep and dream specialist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine. His books include Healing Night and Hush.

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