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Help: CE Certificates/CE Hours

  How do I know which type of CE course is best for me?  We offer a wide variety of courses, so there’s sure to be something to meet your needs and interests.  Quick CEs are an easy way to earn 2 or 3 CE hours through an MP3 or reading-based course.  Magazine Quizzes let you get 2 CE hours just for reading an issue of our magazine. Audio Courses are high-quality audio recordings of lectures by psychotherapy experts, offered with the option of just audio or audio plus CE quiz bundles.  Reading Courses include a compilation of award-winning articles from our magazine plus a CE quiz. Webcasts are live-streaming conversations with psychotherapy experts and Rich Simon, editor of Psychotherapy Networker.  Specials are discounted courses offered throughout the year, often of popular webcasts.  How long will I have access to my CE course and quiz online?  Unless otherwise advertised, all online courses are available for a full year from the purchase date.    How do I get CE hours?  CE hour is awarded upon successful completion of the CE quiz. Candidates must answer at least 80% of quiz questions correctly in order to receive hours. If you pass the quiz, a CE certificate will appear on your screen. You can print out your CE certificate directly from our website. In addition, a copy of your certificate is e-mailed to you. If you cannot find the e-mail, check your spam/junk folder.   How do I print my CE certificate online? After you pass the quiz you will be able to print out your CE certificate directly from our website. In addition, a copy of your CE certificate will be e-mailed to you. To print out your CE certificate from our website again, follow the steps below. If you are having trouble printing out your certificate, e-mail us at support@psychotherapynetworker.org and we can e-mail you a PDF of your certificate.  Log in to Psychotherapy Networker, and click on the “My Purchases” heading. Click “Edit Profile” in the gray “MY NETWORKER LOGIN” box on the right-hand side of the screen.  Click on the quiz results tab. Scroll down and find the list of quizzes that you’ve taken.  Click “View” in the “Details” column, and then click “Print.”   Will my organization approve the Networker’s CE hours? Psychotherapy Networker’s CE hours are recognized by a number of accredited institutions. Click here to view a complete list of organizations.    Can I print my quiz to review the questions before taking it online? Yes, just log into the website and access the course materials page under the “My Purchases” heading. On the course materials page, click on the “View/print” link.   For more information on accessing your course materials page, click here.    Can I save my progress while taking the quiz?  Yes, you can answer some questions, click “Save and exit,” and come back to the quiz at a later time. When you “Skip” a question, it will reappear at the end of the quiz. To submit your quiz for grading at the end, click "Save."   If you having trouble accessing your quiz try logging out of your account, logging back in, and then accessing the quiz.    Sharing CE courses We invite you to share CE course materials with your coworkers and peers. Everyone that wants CE hours needs to purchase the quiz through their own separate accounts. Or, you can purchase all the quizzes through one account and then e-mail support@psychotherapynetworker.org with the accounts that need access to the quiz.   Our policy regarding CE courses and instructional use is that teachers can purchase courses for classroom instruction on a single semester only basis. E-mail us at support@psychotherapynetworker.org if you would like a letter with this permission.